Specializing in Wedding Dresses under $2000

Specializing in Wedding Dresses under $2000

Specializing in Wedding Dresses under $2000Specializing in Wedding Dresses under $2000Specializing in Wedding Dresses under $2000
The Wedding Belles Way!

An Experience to Remember

From the moment you call our store to book your appointment, to the day you leave with your dress to get married, we are there for you! We strive to make this time in your life unforgettable! Dedication, fast- friends, loyalty, laughter, and love all describe the Wedding Belles Way! 

The moment your face lights up in pure bliss because in that moment you feel your most beautiful...For us, there's no better reward! We prep, we prepare and we plan to give you an unforgettable experience with your family and friends. This is your moment to shine! See you soon!! #BelleYES

Appointment Protocol

Bride wearing a wedding dress with excitement

Arrive on Time.

Arriving on time and not too early allows for us to finish up the appointment prior to yours as we do book back-to-back. Arriving late impedes on the amount of time you have to try on dresses and all 90 minutes are needed! Please be on-time!

The first 10 minutes...

This time is about getting to know you, your wedding and your dress vision. Each guest will receive one clip to pick a dress out for you and the bridal consultant will do the rest of the dress choosing. The reason for this is that your bridal consultant is knowledgeable in every dress in regards to fit, feel and budget. She has your best interest at heart and her main objective is to find you gorgeous gowns to try on and to use your time wisely. We encourage you to trust the process and just have a blast trying on fabulous wedding dresses!

The next 60 minutes...

We'll begin with a max of 8-10 dresses to start the process, get a feel for what you like and don't like, reevaluate the choices depending on your feedback, change up the selections if need be, and narrow down to your top 2 or 3!

Last 20 minutes...

This time is spent finalizing your dress choice from your top 2 or 3. Helping you envision your big day is all about those final touches which we show you in this time. Once you say yes to the dress we'll do your final measurements and paperwork. Lastly, we'll gather your gang and take some fun pictures and boomerangs to celebrate the occasion! 

Think you'll need more time...

The weekends are quite busy...so if you would prefer a longer appointment we encourage a weekday bridal or bridesmaids appointment! Here we can allot time for a 2 hour appointment and really spend more time trying on gowns. Often times brides may start by coming in themselves first for a weekday preview of the dresses and try on a few gowns to simply eliminate styles they do not love. This will give the weekend appointment more time spent trying on the types of gowns you see yourself wearing. 

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